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There are a lot of different reasons why people apply for cash loans, without knowing they are making mistakes that will cost them time and money. Even then some mistakes can easily be avoided, continue reading to find out more, and understand every mistake. This way, you will not end up with regrets as most people do.

Let’s see the 13 personal loan mistakes to avoid as below. 

1. Not Dealing With Licensed Moneylenders

Even though there are many money lending companies found all over the internet, you will need to pick a certified moneylender in Singapore. Also, be sure to confirm the number of years the lender has been in operation. A company that has been in business for a long time means they will offer quality service sufficient to keep them in business, also a licensed moneylender follows terms and conditions regulated by the Ministry of Law Singapore. Therefore you don’t need to worry about being scammed wherever you go shopping around for personal loans.

Moneylender doesn’t scrutinize credit score or credit report when upon application for the personal loan, instead they evaluate your ability to pay the loan. These legal lenders also offer flexible loan terms, low-interest rate, and help you build a good credit score in the long run once you take out a personal loan with them.


2. Scanning The Stipulations And Conditions

Make sure that you go through the loan terms conditions and understand the fine print in them. Above all, do take your time. Be sure to examine the loan term conditions as well as all the certain specifics that could cause you to lose money and even end up having bad credit.

Although legal lenders don’t rely solely on credit report and credit score, it is still ideal to clear your debts like credit card debts and other existing debt that can hinder you from getting the personal loan you need.


3. Going for the First Offer

Before applying for a personal loan, be sure to shop around and take your time and carry out some research. Considering that you will be the one who needs the cash so shopping around will help you avoid those lenders who might take advantage of your urgent financial needs. You, however, might be considering taking loans from banks but take note that it will take a lot longer because banks typically require lots of paperwork.

You could consider approaching a private money lender who will offer you more options with repayments, terms, and interest. The money lending industry is rather competitive thus you will certainly locate the ideal personal loan that suits your needs and avoid third party lenders who are usually loan sharks.


4. Not Confirming Additional Costs

When you decide to take out a personal loan, always remember to add extra fees as well as closing costs to your total amount of the amount you have to repay. Another important thing for you to keep in mind is to cautiously read the terms and ensure you ask your moneylender as many questions regarding the loan terms to ensure you understand the whole agreement.

Remember that moneylenders often charge a one-time admin fee aside from the interest rates. Moneylenders can only charge up to 4% of interest rates in all loans regardless of amount. So you’ll definitely get the advantage of paying a low-interest rate as compared to getting personal loans to form the bank.


5. Unaware Of Your Credit Rating

Credit rating report on yellow table

Before you think about taking out a loan, it is recommended that you check your credit rating because the personal loan approval significantly depends on it especially through banks. Also, ensure that your credit score is accurate.

Realize that your credit history is always updated by your moneylender, for that reason make certain they include all the times that you had made on-time repayments. Your credit score always reflects your credit record reflecting how you pay your credit card and other loans in a timely manner.

With that in mind, you need to realize that there are many ways to maintain it in good standing like not taking out a big loan amount, repaying credits promptly, and not failing to repay a loan. Having a good credit rating will ensure that your personal loans are easily approved and you may even get a lower interest rate.


6. Getting Emotional

When taking out a loan from a moneylender, it’s advisable you think prudently and not let yourself go over the top through your emotions. Don’t get too excited. Always get a loan that best suits your needs and financial status. It is not a good idea to take out a loan to help out a friend or family member.


7. Overlooking the Fine Prints

You need to be careful since some terms might bring additional costs to your loan. Thus avoid late payment penalties as well as prepayment penalties. Also, check if you conform with the interest rate, you can negotiate with the legal lender if you want a lower interest rate on your loan.


8. Lying About Your Information

Do not lie about your credit rating and income. Your moneylender has the means to confirm your info. When you are caught, you will be in big trouble by paying a huge penalty and losing your loan.


9. Not Asking Questions

It is encouraged that you ask your lender to clarify any unclear conditions. Ask away, it might actually save you on money and time. Be sure to explain to your lender about your financial state since they are likely to offer you a loan deal that serves your needs.

All borrowers have different situations, thus when there is a setback its best you let your money lender know. Don’t get scared when they try to get in touch with you. They only want to assist you to repay your loan following what you had agreed on.


10. Repayment

Even if you have a stable income, it’s easy for you to think that you will effortlessly repay your loan. Keep in mind that you still have a lot of bills, needs, and expenses that require your attention. Stick to your budget and promptly repay your loans.


11. Borrowing More Than You Actually Need

Be sure to take out a loan amount that you can repay. When you aren’t able to repay your loan, you may perhaps end up defaulting. Once you default, the interests will increase dramatically, and you could lose your property. It might also lead to your bank accounts being seized or getting closed.


12. Over-Extending

There are lenders who persuade their customers into extending their personal loans. When you don’t need it, don’t get excited to do so. It will only make the credit score seem bad and in the end, you’ll pay a lot more than you’d borrowed.


13. Not Negotiating

Most people simply accept what is presented to them by their lenders thus they don’t negotiate the terms. Borrowers should negotiate the terms to avoid being constraint financially. You should not be adding up your loan problems when getting a loan to assist with your monetary needs.

People take out loans for different reasons. They could be stuck in their budget, would like to repay the debt, go on a vacation or settle a medical bill but all require extra cash. It’s tempting to have extra cash, but don’t open a loan when you actually don’t need it. Follow your repayment plan and don’t hide from your money lender. Loans are meant to help you, so don’t overuse them.



Remember that when choosing the best personal loan, you need to remember these common mistakes made by loan shoppers. It is easy to get swayed by sales language especially those loan sharks who are posed as legal money lenders. 

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