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Raffles Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 55/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

The Most Trustworthy
Legal Money Lender In Singapore

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Who Are We?


Raffles Credit is one of the most distinguished licensed moneylenders in Singapore with some of the best selection of loan packages for our clients. As one of the best lenders around, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what it means to be in the business of lending money to our clients.


Having helped thousands of Singaporeans over the last decade, we firmly believe that everyone should have equal and easy access to financial services, no matter their credit background or current financial capabilities. No one should find themselves in dire straits because of a small easily fixed mishap they’ve made. No one is beyond help. All it takes is just one simple fix.


Established in 2011, our decade in operation has made us one of the most renowned lenders around. We are regularly praised by our customers online and all over the web for our deep financial knowledge, thoughtful service and kind attention to their plight. This has resulted in numerous reviews on Google reviews and other loan comparison sites that sing our praises.

Our Mission & Mision

Our vision is simple. We envision a world where everyone has easy access to all the financial help they will ever need, anytime, anywhere.

We want that dream to be a reality so we are taking the lead and showing our customers how it’s done right. We want to provide some of the best loans with the lowest interest rates alongside quality customer service. Some might say that it is a tall order and difficult dream to achieve, but we don’t think so. How else will we ever bring about our dreams into reality if we don’t do it ourselves?

Our Commitment To You

Now that a new decade has begun, we pledge the following to you.

Your needs above ours

Even as we are known for being one of the most customer-centric lenders in the business, we know that there is much more than we can do. We want every customer the satisfaction of knowing that we will do all we can to help them out whenever, however, it may be.

Easier application processes

We are constantly refining our application processes to make it easier for anyone who needs financial assistance to apply. If there is an easier method for our customers to seek out our services, we’ll be there.

The ethical way to business

The money lending industry has always been seen through suspicious eyes due to the acts of illegal money lenders. We are leading the way to show Singapore what real and licensed money lenders are like.

Ever quicker approvals

Why wait for an hour when you can have it in 30 minutes? We’re constantly trying to do more, at faster speeds, knowing that time is of the essence. You need the money urgently and we want you to have it now.

Google Reviews
We’ve helped more than 450,000 customers

  • 5 star review  The consultants cleared my queries clearly, professionally and politely despite we merely sought the financial advice. We will definitely visit them if we need any financial assistance. Happy New Year.

    thumb J. LAM KAH ONN

    5 star review  I have regularly used the services of Raffles Credit. They are a professional business who respond promptly, are accommodating and always professional and respect confidentiality. I have been greatly assisted... read more

    thumb MrK K

    5 star review  Looking for urgent funds. Went to Raffles Credit. Gave clear advice and also guidance on loan affordable monthly. Look for Grace a great customer oriented staff. Really appreciate your service too.... read more

    thumb TT G
  • 5 star review  Team is very friendly, approachable and very professional. Will help you by providing financial advices as well along with financial help. Very much recommended money lender.

    thumb phani raj

    5 star review  Great & awesome service provided by Joy, John and Jane. Was skeptical initially but this place totally change my perception. Thanks for the awesome service and help in times of... read more

    thumb Rain Lin

    5 star review  Raffles credit is a trustworthy finance company. The financial consultants always provide the excellent services to the people who are in the financial needs. Well done 👏🏻

    thumb Alpha Might
  • 5 star review  I was attended by Miss Grace. Her service & knowledge on the system was great. She even came down to pick me up since I was lost. Thanks Grace.

    thumb Kabilan Puthumai Puthiran

    5 star review  Thanks to John for the seamless experience everytime when I need a loan. Friendly and professional environment! Will highly recommend to anyone who needs legal loans. Keep it up guys!

    thumb Mohamad Ezuandy

    5 star review  It has been my pleasure to be assisted with very professional team especially Ms. Joy. They are able to explain to me in detailed manner all the terms and... read more

    thumb Marites Roceta

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