best real estate agencies in singapore

Working with a team of professional real estate agents on concerns about buying or renting a property in Singapore is ideal. They’re the “experts” in this field; their insights and advice can point you in the right direction. 

With a trusted property agency, you get the help you need in what’s likely the biggest transaction of your life a success. Although it’s argued that dealing with an estate without a property agent can save you money, it’s only ideal when you know how the market works. 

After all, real estate transactions are risky, and the papers required can be confusing. If you want the best deal and property that suits your needs, discover the top ten real estate or property agencies in Singapore through this guide.

Top Real Estate Agencies in Singapore

propnex logo

1. PropNex – Best for Residential, Industrial, or Commercial Properties

Propnex Realty is Singapore’s leading real estate portal that offers the most comprehensive listings and information on industrial properties as well as residential and commercial estates. 

With over 20 years of fruitful experience in the real estate industry, those looking for quality properties can heavily trust Propnex. It embodies competence at par with big real estate companies despite being a small firm. 

Some of its prestigious achievements are those awarded by SPRING Singapore: the Singapore Service Class (S-Class) and Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certifications in 2015.

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orangetee logo

2. Orange Tee – Best for Overall Property Projects

Orange Tee specializes in residential projects, overseas projects, and commercial and industrial properties. On top of that, you can depend on them for project marketing, negotiation, and finalizing commercial leasing contracts. 

Orange Tee encompasses quality services that provide real estate solutions to its valued clients. This includes ensuring they make better-informed decisions in buying or renting properties in Singapore. 

Further, timely and accurate valuation of property services are also offered to clients at a competitive market rate.

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era logo

3. ERA Real Estate – Best for Property Searches

Established in 1982, ERA Real Estate is one of Singapore’s leading and preferred property agencies. With its long-standing reputation for offering top-notch service, its presence has spread across ten countries.

Your dream property is just a few clicks away with ERA Realty. You have the landed, commercial, HDB hub, office, condo, and residential options. 

With its platform, you can use its online directory to search the following: 

  • Your preferred project
  • Ideal location
  • Price range
  • Lease types
  • Property types

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    savills logo

    4. Savills Best For Property Planning and Investment

    Savills Singapore is primarily a UK-based property agency founded in 1855. With its continuous progress in helping individuals, institutions, and businesses make the right property decisions, this top brand spans globally. 

    It has around 600 offices across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Its presence has employed 390,000 people in about 70 countries, so contacting a local Savills property agent will be easy for you.

    The advice it provides hits right through the specific needs of its clients. So, regardless of the type of property you want, whether it be country cottages, agricultural lands, city centre offices, or new-build developments, Savills got your back. 

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    slp scotia logo

    5. SLP Scotia – Best for Consultation and Agency Needs

    SLP International Property Consultants Pte.Ltd (SLP) is an ever-growing regional company you can trust for consultation or agency needs. 

    With its subsidiary companies and franchises, the SLP gets a spot in the top 10 notable property agencies in Singapore. Aside from that, it has successfully marketed around 40 residential property developments and 70 industrial properties. 

    You can heavily rely on the professional services SLP Scotia’s real estate consultants have to offer. From project marketing services, capital market, and real estate research & advisory services, this is a go-to choice for any property-related concerns. 

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    knight frank logo

    6. Knight Frank – Best for Real Estate Solutions

    Knight Frank is an estate agency that has been around since 1940. It’s headquartered in London, but its services are global, reaching around 57 territories, establishing 558 offices, and employing 22,750 employees. 

    Its influence on the local real estate industry is evident in land, retail and lifestyle experience, and more. It doesn’t matter what your needs are or how complex your vision is regarding the property you foresee. That’s because Knight Frank is ready to provide real estate solutions.

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    colliers international logo

    7. Colliers – Best in Maximizing Property Potential

    Colliers is another real estate giant with a presence known throughout Singapore. It operates in about 65 countries with 18,000 hardworking professionals.

    An estimated $98 billion worth of assets is under the property management of Colliers. Additionally, around 51,000 lease and sale transactions have been recorded. 

    With these data, potential clients should consider working closely with Colliers when it comes to properties. They are leaders of the future when it comes to real estate. Not only do they assist you in finding your best property, but you can also find a career in their realm.

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    cushman & wakefield logo

    8. Cushman & Wakefield – Best in Property Sale or Lease

    Cushman & Wakefield had humble beginnings as a small family real estate business in New York around 100 years ago. Now, it has become one of Singapore’s leading property agencies, with a notable $9.4 billion in revenue made in 2021. 

    With over 50,000 people operating in 400 offices in 60 countries, Cushman & Wakefield continuously makes innovative real estate solutions. 

    Clients get the value and insights they need to make them succeed in unlocking opportunities in the years to come. 

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    dwg logo

    9. Dennis Wee Group – Best in Identifying Valuable Properties

    Dennis Wee Group was first established in 1993 in an office with only 10 salespersons. As it kept improving, innovating, and changing the status quo, the DWG paved the way for opening 10 global branches.

    It carefully assesses the developments of its real estate portfolio, identifying significant growth potential and rental returns. Practically, the DWG is focused on creating and building wealth for its clients. 

    This is done by partnering with leading developers to invest in ideal and prime locations. In turn, whether you’re buying or renting a property, you get more than what you pay for. After all, DWG specializes in identifying which properties have long-term advantages offered. 

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      Blk 190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #03-512 Toa Payoh Shopping Centre, Singapore 310190
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      +65 6333 5322
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    property limbrothers logo

    10. Property Lim Brothers – Best in Fast Property Selling

    Another remarkable property agency in Singapore is Property Lim Brothers. Their work involving properties is done with integrity and pride, which is why people associate real estate with PLB. 

    By far and large, Property Lim Brothers have been featured in The Business Times, and EdgeProp, including CNBC reports. On top of that are various awards representing the competence of its team and the excellence of its services. 

    PLB is a realty powerhouse you must consider when you have property needs, more so when you’re aiming to sell your real estate assets. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Agency to Join Real Estate?

    Showing interest in hopping in the real estate industry may prompt you to join an actual agency. The brand is one of the ideal features you have to look for. A large, well-established real estate agency provides many opportunities that can boost your career. 

    Training is essential, too. An agency that provides regular employee training and seminars means it constantly aims for progress. It should also integrate digital and social media marketing education to maximize the brand’s potential. Moreover, a real estate agency must have new project launches and other opportunities supporting the career growth of its workers. 

    Lastly, what makes a real estate agency worth joining is its team. Suppose it’s composed of leaders that share vast amounts of expertise, helpful teammates, and a social environment that’s filled with optimism. In that case, you can realize more of your potential. 

    How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make in Singapore?

    A real estate agent’s salary in Singapore depends on the property agent’s commission. For example, you get a 4% commission for every sold property valued at $800,000, and you have done so thrice in a year. 

    That would mean you earned a $96,000 salary in that period. That equates to you earning $8,000 monthly, which is considered a good wage, given that the median monthly income in Singapore is $5,070.

    However, having closed deals isn’t guaranteed. Property agents may experience a dry spell and cannot sell any property for months. That said, no commission or salary gets added to their bank accounts. 

    What Is the Most Popular Real Estate Company?

    Forbes lists Brookfield Asset Management as the world’s most impactful real estate company. Based on its total sales of $63.400 billion, assets valued at $343.696 billion, and market value of $69.673 billion, Brookfield Asset Management is a popular choice. 

    Meanwhile, if you base it on revenue, Keller Williams Realty would be on the top list, totaling $532.2 billion.


    Reputable property agencies are dependable companies that aid and guide you in the world of buying, renting, and selling properties. They are driven by professional property agents and realtors who brainstorm the best industry solutions for your needs.

    Key Takeaways

    • Hiring a real estate agent can be an added cost. Still, it’s worth the extra expenses, especially when you need more knowledge on how property deals work.
    • With various property agencies scattered across Singapore, one way to choose which agency to go for is by determining what their specialties are and what they’re particularly known for.
    • Having a real estate agent saves you from the time-consuming processes of buying, renting, or selling of properties.
    • In choosing a property, this should come at a very low price. It doesn’t have to be too expensive either. Focus on the quality and its potential growth in value.
    • If you plan to become a real estate agent, your salary is primarily based on commissions. Consider that a stream of income is not constant in this industry but pays well for every property transaction you’ve closed and made a deal out of.

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