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Cashless Payment
Cashless Payment

Cashless payments are payments made without using cash on your hand, they are being transferred through electronic transfer that is provided by our modern technology. 

As time passes by, most of the consumers nowadays are opting to go with cashless payments although there are still some people who pays with cash. Cashless payments are most of the time through bank transfers, credit cards or mobile payments.

Cashless payment Singapore offers many benefits that will allow you to make life easier when it comes to paying. You do not need to have physical money to pay for your bills. 


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Payment is quickly processed without even going to the billing payment stations or through its partners. You can also do multiple and huge transactions through cashless pay Singapore. 

You can also send payments overseas without a hassle. You can even make a payment even though you are at work, so cashless payment can be very flexible.

The cashless society in Singapore has been very abundant and successful because of the many advantages that they offer and the convenience it brings most of the people. 

Some of the payment options and methods of paying cashless are through payment apps, nets QR, mobile payment, QR code, credit card, digital payments, dbs paylah, paynow and a lot more. 

Most of the people who are users of credit cards are having the convenience of paying electronically and handling their bills over the internet and elsewhere.


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Cash or Cashless in Singapore?

Cashless payment has been popular in Asia especially Singapore because of the busy lifestyle of the people but there are still people who do not choose to go cashless with spending especially when it comes to food. 

They still opt to spend cash instead of an app or a mobile payment. As trends have grown to be successful with the payment cashless however, there are still more people in the US or Europe that are going cashless. 

There has been security issues in some transactions that is the reason why other people are being more careful and still go with cash.

You still need to get cash from your ATM if you want to pay with physical money, compared to going with non-cash payments, you will not need cash at all. Transactions are all being done electronically in a cashless society. 

However, for some people who are not tech savvy, it will be easier to use cash if they really don’t want to accept the convenience of noncash transactions.

Here are some advantages of paying non-cash

1. More convenient

Conducting electronic transactions can give you ease that might be the largest motivator to go digital. You are not carrying a huge amount of money or even fall in line just to withdraw from the ATM. it would also be safer and less complicated if you are travelling.

2. Get more discounts

Digital paying can give you more discounts because most of the time, digital platforms are giving out cashbacks. This will provide you with more savings.

3. Records visible

All transactions are being recorded so that it will be very easy for consumers to maintain intune with their spendings.

This will also enable you to file tax returns in the future. Digital transactions are easily tracked and explained.

4. Less risky

In the case when credit cards are stolen, you can always call the bank and have it blocked so that no one can use it. Also, mobile wallets have PINs and security options that can make sure that your digital wallet is secured. 

5. Environment Friendly

Using digital transactions can save the trees hence, you can contribute to saving the environment. Papers are being used in most transactions with cash and papers come from trees.

6. Effective budgeting

You can manage your transactions effectively with this option. You can keep track of every transaction and transfer money from one location to another instead of going somewhere else to meet someone just to hand money to them.

This is mostly advantageous to many businesses as they do not have to protect a load of money for their transactions.

7. Economic boost

Cashless societies ought to have a positive effect on the economy. Studies show that users are likely to keep away from small purchases in the event that they do not have cash on them.

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Among the countries that is popular with digital transactions is Sweden. Their transactions have been booming and becoming the normal thing on their people. 

Sweden has taken a variety of initiatives that enables the users to continue with digital spendings. Some of the countries are being popular in this field too, like the US and Canada. 

These countries have a very busy lifestyle, the main reason why they opt for better transactions as these also give them the convenience of real time paying. Also, some countries that have the most digital transaction users are millennials, those who are growing with the technology more and more each year.

Some people say that having this transaction is giving them great convenience because they sometimes, if not most of the time, do not want to go out of their homes and can just pay for whatever it is that they need to pay digitally. 

This gives them the privilege to be at the comfort of they homes and pay for their bills of shop for items that they need and pay it cashless. 

There are a lot of options to choose from when you want to experience the convenience of not paying cash in your transactions. 

It will still be your choice on whether or not to use cash or not but do consider digital transaction and assess how you go about it. You can try and do it first before you just close your mind into this option. 

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