In life, you will never know what will happen or what your financial circumstances will look like. To prepare for the worst, it is best that you make early preparations to ease the hardships you may face in the future.

 You can always do your own savings. But let’s be real, saving your money where you can easily access it 24/7 is risky. There will always be excuses along the way that makes you use your saving which then brings you back to square one.

To overcome this conflict, getting yourself an endowment plan would be the ideal solution. An endowment is an insurance policy which provides guaranteed and non-guaranteed returns once the plan has matured. Endowment plans are an ideal method to invest in a long-term financial plan.

1. NTUC Income VivoWealth Solitaire

Your main goal: To gain a lifetime income payout and legacy

VivoWealth Solitaire is a life insurance plan which provides you with a monthly cash payout. Unique only to their customers, you can receive additional cash benefits at the 21st and 31st policy year and a maturity benefit at 100 years old.

NTUC Income VivoWealth Solitaire best features:

2. Prudential PruWealth

Your main goal: To earn the highest projected cash value

As a customer, you are provided with the choice to pay for single or regular premiums of 5,10 or 20 years. Similar to Manulife Ready Builder, you can appoint a secondary life insured for your wealth accumulation. To make your premium payment a lot more convenient for you, Prudential PruWealth also lets you choose the payment period you’re comfortable with.

Prudential PruWealth best features:

3. Manulife Ready Builder

Your main goal: Having the choice to withdraw anytime as well as guaranteed cash values

Manulife provides insurance, retirement and wealth management solutions to meet your financial needs on every stage of your life. With their savings plan Manulife Ready Builder, you can have the flexibility to stop paying premiums for 1 year and unlimited withdrawals whenever you need cash. 

Apart from that, you will have the option to accumulate your wealth by appointing your loved ones as your policy’s secondary life insured to continue your wealth accumulation.

Manulife Ready Builder best features:

4. Aviva MySavingsPlan

Your main goal: Earning a high guaranteed return

MySavingsPlan is a 100% capital guaranteed endowment savings plan. For those in a financial constraint, Aviva MySavingsPlan allows you to choose a premium term you are comfortable with from 5 to 25 years. Besides, they provide an affordable plan where you can pay your premium as low as S$1.56 a day.

Aviva MySavingsPlan best features:

5. Manulife ReadyPayout Plus

Your main goal: Cashback features

Manulife ReadyPayout Plus is an endowment savings plan that benefits you with cash benefits annually and has a flexible term of 13, 15 and 20 years which you can choose from.

Plus, if you refuse to withdraw your cash benefits, you can choose to let them be instead to further accumulate interest at a non-guaranteed rate of 3%1 p.a.

Manulife ReadyPayout Plus best features:

6. Great Eastern Flexi Endowment

Your main goal: Flexibility in choosing your premium payment term

Great Eastern Flexi Endowment is an endowment savings plan that has a flexible policy term around 10 to 40 years. You are also provided with the option whether you want to fund your savings plan for 5 years, 10 years or full-term.

Great Eastern Flexi Endowment best features:


t the end of the day, deciding on the best endowment savings plan really depends on your financial objectives and goals. When choosing the best savings plan, it’s important that you highlight matters pertaining to your problems like how long do you wish to save, when do you need the money and what are the returns of the plan.

If you need funds for your premium payment or savings, Raffles Credit has the solution to your concerns. With your best interest at their heart, you will be consulted on a loan plan which will give you the ability to repay it with no difficulties.