Decorated venue for a wedding ceremony

Marriage is a big decision. Under it are more big decisions, especially concerning your wedding day. One thing that is bound to come up is your wedding venue. It often becomes a big chunk of the cost of a wedding, whether you go for a big wedding or a small one.

There is no harm in opting for either—you and your partner get to decide how you would go about making the moment magical and memorable. Either way, going for more affordable venues allows you to have extra money to use elsewhere, whether in some other wedding expense or a nest egg for your future. Money is undoubtedly involved in many issues, so having less to spend can only be good.

So if you’re not married to the idea of an expensive location and are on the hunt for affordable wedding venues in Singapore, we’ve compiled a list of venues that we propose that may keep you engaged.

Safety Guidelines in Weddings During COVID-19

Nothing should stand in the way of love, but the pandemic is something that you need to consider heavily and is a big point in favor of going for a small wedding venue or solemnisation. The Singapore government has also provided a list of health and safety regulations for couples, organizers, venue operators, and guests to follow during the event. Here are the guidelines:

  • Make sure you are well and not feeling ill. People must ensure they are well and without symptoms. Someone should forgo attending if they show some symptoms.
  • Facilitate contact tracing. Guests and organizers must sign in to TraceTogether and SafeEntry to help with contact tracing and have their temperatures taken before entry into venues.
  • Adhere to capacity limits. Max number of guests must be no more than 100 people. Those 100 guests need to be divided into 50 each for two zones or two separate timeslots with 50 people each.
  • Each group of a limited number of people must remain 1m apart. Besides a core group of 20, each group must be limited to 8 people or guests each and remain 1m away from another group.
  • Follow fixed seating and maintain assigned zones. Buffet style is not allowed. Guests need to remain in their seats and assigned zones.
  • Use a face mask. Each person must wear a face mask at all times, outside of the wedding, lunch and/or dinner, and for a short time while taking a photo. The bride and groom are allowed to take off their masks during important parts of the ceremony.

Be sure to follow these guidelines. After all, a few safety regulations is a small price to pay for your fairy tale wedding. For more detailed information on the guidelines, you can visit the Singapore Government website here.

8 Intimate and Affordable Wedding Venues in Singapore

Outside of being safer, having a small and affordable wedding can have its perks. An intimate space might seem less glamorous, but expensive doesn’t always mean better. Likewise, cheaper doesn’t mean bad. You don’t have to forgo that photo-perfect look just because you’re on a budget. Instead, some can be unique from the usual hotel wedding, which can add more to the romance of it all.

Here are some options for venues in Singapore and their wedding packages within a reasonable budget:

  • Vineyard at HortPark
  • Gardenasia
  • Little Island Brewing Company
  • Skygarden Sentosa
  • Tanjong Pagar Beach Club
  • The Backyard at Siri House
  • Open Farm Community
  • The Secret Patio
  1. Vineyard at HortPark

Do you want a sophisticated wedding but want a change from the idea of a wedding in function rooms or a hotel ballroom? Don’t fret because Vineyard at HortPark is a venue that balances sophistication with the outdoors with its rustic wooden tables and overhung foliage.

For its wedding package, you get the choice of three areas—a large indoor dining room, a sheltered outdoor space, and an open area patio, all ideal for solemnisations and wedding celebrations. What’s more, Vineyard offers garden-to-table French-Italian cuisine options in its menu, perfect for sophisticated tastes.

  • Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, HortPark, Singapore 119578
  • Capacity: 48 to 85 people
  • Cost: S$119 – S$139 per person, with the option of buffet or set menu. Reaching a certain amount will give you exclusive use of the space (for more info, check this document)
  • Website:
  1. Gardenasia

If you imagine your wedding celebration in a garden among the greenery, away from the concrete groan of vehicles and the towering skyscrapers, and into the countryside, then Gardenasia is for you.

It has a chapel for solemnisation and a romantic garden backdrop to go with your vows as you look lovingly at each other. There are many options for a wedding venue in Gardenasia, from a large indoor space to an intimate ceremony for couples among the greenery.

  • Address: 240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718898
  • Capacity: up to 500
  • Cost: S$3,000 – S$7,800 (the only price is for the rent of venue. Enquire for a breakdown of their wedding packages)
  • Website:
  1. Little Island Brewing Company

If you and your significant other are into a rustic-chic design with a sprinkle of a sunset or starry sky to go with your outdoor wedding celebration, consider Little Island Brewing Co.

The place offers a uniquely casual and homey ambiance to go with an intimate gathering or a large-ish wedding party with you and the ones you love. Little Island is a brewery and smokehouse, so your taste buds on their unique options for lunch and dinner.

  1. Sky Garden Sentosa

There’s something about an open-air and scenic, roof-deck view that screams—or rather, lovingly whispers—romance. You can have that at Sky Garden Sentosa.

The scenery is hard to beat here. You get a panoramic view of the city, the sea, and the neighboring islands, improved only by the sunset or a chill night sky. Their approved caterers offer a wide selection on the menu for you to eat at their function room/banquet hall or alfresco-style. End the night with fireworks as the cherry on top of perfection.

  • Address: 43 Siloso Beach Walk, iFly Singapore, Singapore, 099010
  • Capacity: up to 180 in dining style
  • Cost: S$75 – S$86 per person
  • Website:

Tanjong Pagar Beach Club

  1. Tanjong Pagar Beach Club

Have you ever imagined getting married to your loved one at the beach? Sentosa Island in Singapore offers a lot of lovely, romantic venues that are perfect for weddings.

One such is Tanjong Pagar Beach Club, a sunny paradise away from the urban jungle. It has many different spaces for weddings, numbering from an intimate 20 to a large 312 people, and offers a complete solemnisation package for a minimum of 35 guests.

  1. The Backyard at Siri House

This 3000sqm venue is both a sophisticated and homey location, compact with picture-perfect spaces. You can choose the outdoors, among the plant life of Dempsey Hill, or the backdrop of the exotic decor of the indoor dining room.

It has a package each for solemnisation and wedding dinner, and also offers a mix of the two, with the option of opting for renting The Backyard area or the whole of Siri House for the celebration.

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  1. Open Farm Community

You may not have considered getting married at a farm instead of a hotel before, but the Open Farm Community will surely make you think twice. This event space is an open-concept paradise in urbanized Singapore.

But more than its breathtaking ambiance, the place’s main selling point is its menu. Everything from lunch menu to dinner is sourced from local and South East Asian growers, farmers, and herders, with fresh agriculture and sustainability in mind. Not only will you have an amazing wedding, but you also get to take part in their eco-friendly venture.

  • Address: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819
  • Capacity: Up to 70
  • Cost: S$2,000 minimum spending to S$13,000 may differ per guest count, location, and exclusive rent of the venue.
  • Website:
  1. The Secret Patio

If you find value in customisation, then The Secret Patio is for you. Wedding planners love the configurable indoor and outdoor event spaces provided by this venue, and you get a lot more freedom designing the wedding of your dreams, from big themes to all the minute details.

Aside from the standard dinner menu options, the venue offers a Halal-certified dinner package and catering for Malay-friendly wedding celebrations.


All listed above can go for less than S$4,000 for a small event of 20 to 40 people, perfect for a bride and groom who want a more intimate wedding. Couples can still opt for larger ones in venues that accept larger capacities.

Weddings, as they go, are very personal and intimate to couples. Much of its magic will depend on you, from what appeals to you and what you want on your special day. Many find magic in a large and lavish event, while others are content in the presence of their loved one and a few other attendees.

Either way, having the option to spend less on your venue is always something you should consider.

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