Frustrated young man dealing with loan shark harassment

It is not surprising that we hear frightening stories from victims who had fallen into loan sharks’ trap throughout the years. Especially in these challenging times, people in Singapore may be faced with critical financial instability.

With that said, these unfortunate individuals have no other choice but to resort to seeking help from Ah Long, the illegal money lender. Hence, if any of us happen to be in such unfortunate circumstances or even before considering borrowing from unlawful agencies, we should know how we could fight against loanshark harassment and avoid being one of their victims.

Who are Loan Sharks?

Loan sharks Singapore, being the illegal money lenders, are to market off “too good to be true” promises when trying to appeal to those desperately in need. Not to mention, with illogically steep interest costs that add up to double and triple of actual loan amounts, victims are always forced to be put in a helpless state.

However, licensed moneylenders with legal and lawful business practices – all of the transactions done with clients are adequately presented in black and white for future reference. They also comply with the interest rates set by the Ministry of Law unlike loan shark in Singapore who usually imposed ridiculous interest rates on loans taken out on them.

How do They Perform Harassment?

In their most common ways of calling in more victims, Singapore Loan Shark would usually just put any amount of money that will likely make you come to them. Initially, all of the agreements are commonly made only verbally or through invalid documents.

More often than not, a person in need will agree to loan out the money despite the ridiculous interest rate because he or she is in a financial crisis. The problem is what happens after, loan shark Singapore would usually lure those types of people to take out a loan with them but eventually, they will not end defaulting on their payments because of the amount.

Many debtors will be forced to pay or their loved ones will be threatened hazardously. Following that, borrowers will be pressured into borrowing more from them or another loanshark singapore to enable them to repay.

If not, one will probably be pushed to be a part of their ‘team’ who asks money from people in a harmful manner. It is a way of paying back through providing service of being one of them.

As reported in a local news site The Star, these loan sharks now have been taking advantage of Covid-19 restrictions with a new tactic by using food and delivery services to ‘mask’ their operations in making the debtors payback.

A ridiculous amount of food will be ordered and delivered to the debtors’ address, and the delivery person will forcefully make them pay for the food and the service which they didn’t order. Loan sharks are getting more creative on how to lure people in borrowing money from them.

How to Deal with Loan Shark Debt?

Businessman refusing money from loan shark

It is essential to keep in mind that one is not supposed to act upon proceeding any other transactions with the loan sharks or ah long without reporting them or any higher authorities’ involvement. If you know someone being harassed or experiencing harassment from a loan shark then they must call the police or reach out to the ah long hotline to obtain protection.

In Singapore, the Law Ministry and MOM have given out a list of voluntary welfare organizations that you can turn to for some help in managing your situation:

1. Adullam Life Counselling:; 6659 7844

2. Arise2Care Community Services:; 6909 0628

3. Association of Muslim Professionals:; 6416 3960

4. Blessed Grace Social Services:; 8428 6377

5. Centre for Domestic Employees:; 1 800 2255 233

6. One Hope Centre:; 6547 1011

Who to Call During Loan Shark Harassment?

Below are all of the authorities who are always readily available in helping you get out of your situation with Illegal moneylenders:

Police Hotline number at 999 or the XAh Long hotline at 1800-924-5664, if you suspect your FDW could be involved in any UML activities

1. Credit Counselling Singapore:; 6225 5227. CCS can advise and consult you on debt management, get helpful credit counseling, and get you a proper debt repayment scheme.

2. Registry of Moneylenders:; 1 800 2255 529. Bear in mind to plan before applying for any loan, what more a loan with a loan shark. Be well-versed with the terms and conditions you are bonded to with the terms and conditions.

3. National Council on Problem Gambling:; 1 800 6 668 66 8. Get help to get out of your gambling habits.

4. Comcare Call:; 1 800 222 0000. Any help that is appropriate and legal for your needs is available. Social assistance schemes to cater to Singaporeans with lower income are provided.

5. The Samaritans of Singapore:; 1 800 221 4444 (available 24 hours). They offer helpful counseling and are available 24/7, who is in need anytime.


If you are in deep financial trouble and looking for ways to repay your debts on time. You must not turn to Illegal Moneylenders, these Ah longs will just trap you into a neverending debt cycle making your situation a lot worse. 

As have been said earlier, before making a decision, one should always look for the right moneylender for them to avoid any loan shark harassment. Though you are put under tremendous stress in dealing with debt, remember that there is always a way out that will not put your life and property, most importantly, your family and loved ones in any danger.

If you are looking for fast cash loan then check out Raffles Credit, not only a registered money lender – all of their transactions with you are protected by the law, and you can be sure you and your information are safe and secure. They have vowed to serve and be ready to consult and lend their potential clients not necessarily the amount of money they want, but rather the amount of money they need in escaping their debts.