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Money is usually an instrument for investment. A way to increase the value of an asset in return is by investing. It is a hope for the exchange of your monetary asset that will provide higher profit.

However, some people find it difficult to invest because a lot of people thought that investing is just an expense for nothing and could be expensive.

But, is it really possible to invest even if you’re not earning enough money? Well, you’ll know you can invest if you can still afford to buy unnecessary things such as a new phone, new bag, new shoes, and can travel wherever you want to. And yes, it is possible to invest even with little income you’re earning every month.

Reasons why people are afraid to invest their money

Some people find that investments are expensive and they could just get loss instead of income. Another thing is that people are scared to invest because of scammers. Also, a lot of people think that getting an investment is expensive.

One of the most popular savings you can try is the one they called “Regular Share Savings” or RSS. It is offered commonly by banks, but before anything else, here are the advantages and disadvantages of RSS plans. Regular Share Savings or RSS plan is an investment plan that requires a monthly contribution of your savings from your income.

The advantage is that it allows investors or potential investors to invest only the amount of money they can afford. Unlike with other plans or products, it requires investors to contribute higher amounts of money which makes potential investors refuse to try investing.

But there are also disadvantages when you get an RSS plan. Investors who invests higher amount have the higher chances of getting a higher amount of returns. Also, investors may pay higher fees if they exceed their investment from the minimum investment amount.

Actually, there aren’t many secured investments in Singapore. In fact, some are too good to be true. That’s why many Singaporeans are afraid to take the risk to invest their monetary assets.

How much can an investment cost?

Here are some of the platforms that are trusted and have guaranteed capital & returns you can invest from in Singapore. These investments will only cost you $100 a month.

  • POSB/DBS Invest Saver

You can invest in Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF with 0.82% fees and charges and to ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund with 5% fees and charges for only $100 a month.

  • Phillip Capital Share Builder

You can invest SPOR STI ETF Close to 39 SGX- listed counter for only $100 a month. Fees and charges are $6 for 1-2 counters and $10 for 2 counters or more.

  • Auto wealth

You can also invest in stocks and government funds for only $100 a month with an initial investment of $3,000. There are 5% management fees and $18 platform fees per annum.

  • Dollardex

Invest in unit trusts for only $100 a month. It has no fees and charges.

  • Endowus

You can also try investing at low-cost portfolios diversifying mutual funds and unit trusts for only $100 a month with an initial investment of $10,000. Fees and other charges will range from 0.25%-0.60% per annum.

If a $100/month investment is still expensive for your budget. You might want to consider some of these platforms that have lower cost and no minimum amount of investment.

  • Smartly

Has a minimum investment amount of $50/month. You will invest in portfolios of ETFs. Smartly has a fee that ranges from 2% to 8% per annum.

  • MoneyOwl

If you want to invest in dimensional funds and equities. You will need only $50/month. MoneyOwl has advisory fees of 65%, platform fees of 18% paid to ifast and 3% to 4% fund expense ratio per annum.

  • Stashaway

It has no minimum amount required but has a fees ranging from 2% to 8% per annum. You’ll invest in a selection of ETFs from the 32 different asset classes.

  • Squirrelsave

You can also invest in Global ETF Portfolio with no minimum amount required. Squirrelsave has 10% performance fee and a 5% management fee per annum.

  • Syfe

It don’t have minimum amount required for investment, you’ll invest in ETFs. It has a management fee of 65% per annum.

Is monthly loan more convenient than other loans?

On the other hand, if you’re going to take out some money out of your monthly income, you may also consider choosing a monthly loan. Some loans that are offered through online are payday loan that is good for those people who have bad credit score and want to get funds easily and immediately.

However, there are also loans out there that could be more convenient and match your monthly salary. You may check Raffles Credit monthly loan for more details and requirements about.

But here are the basic requirements you’ll need if you’re planning to get a monthly loan:

  • The borrower must be at least 21 years old and above.
  • For Singaporean: you must have a stable source of income amounting to $24,000 and above for the year.
  • For foreigners: you must have regular work and earning $36,000 annual income.

Getting a monthly loan is more convenient and you won’t worry about paying your loan on a weekly basis. Instead, all you have to worry about is your expenses for the week that will fit your weekly budget.

There is also no collateral for the monthly loan which is a good thing especially if you don’t have assets to offer as collateral to the loan.

You can easily apply with your own convenience at home. You can also get approved easily as long as you are qualified within the criteria listed on their website. So if you’re interested, you make check their website for other information.


Investing is only hard for people who have a lot of reasons not to invest but can afford to buy things they don’t actually need. Investments are for people who have a wide understanding and concern about their assets and savings.