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Accounting firms in Singapore play a vital role in the financial sector, providing a range of services such as audit, tax, and consultation. With a thriving business environment, these firms continue to support the growth of local and international companies in the city-state. Among the industry leaders, the Big Five accounting firms in Singapore: Deloitte, KPMG Singapore, PWC Singapore, EY Singapore, and Ardent Associates, have left a significant impact on the corporate landscape.

Deloitte’s South-East Asia CEO Eugene Ho emphasizes the importance of accountants in the business world, stating that they understand the language of finance and are highly analytical. Their quantitative skills make them valuable assets not only in audit and tax positions but also in consulting practices. Given their versatility, accounting professionals continue to be in high demand across various sectors in Singapore.

As part of its regional growth plans, Big Four accounting giant Deloitte plans to add around 3,000 new employees in Singapore within the next five years. This move is expected to further strengthen the accountancy sector and create new opportunities for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals. With such promising prospects, the accounting industry in Singapore continues to flourish, offering valuable support and guidance to businesses across the region.

Top 5 Accounting Firms

1. KPMG Singapore

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KPMG Singapore, one of the largest independent accounting firms in the country, has earned its leading position through its exceptional services and dedicated professionals. With over 3,100 employees, you can trust KPMG Singapore to deliver outstanding results in audit, tax, and advisory services. They are part of the well-known global organization, KPMG International, which operates in 143 countries and territories, serving national and multinational clients.

Not only can you benefit from their global reach and resources, but KPMG Singapore is also committed to staying ahead of industry trends and disruptions, continuously evolving its services to better serve your needs.


  • Audit & Assurance: Ensuring that your financial reports are accurate, transparent, and compliant with regulations.
  • Tax: Providing expertise in both corporate and individual taxation to help you optimize your tax structure and stay compliant.
  • Advisory: Assisting you with business strategy, risk management, and business operations to achieve your goals.
  • Financial Services: Helping financial institutions navigate disruptive forces and keep up with industry landscape changes.
  • ESG: Supporting your organization’s efforts to integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into your business practices.

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2. PwC Singapore

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PwC Singapore is a leading accounting and professional services firm, with a strong presence in the country. As a part of the global PwC network, it provides a wide range of services to help you transform and become more agile and future-ready. Their deep industry knowledge and practical, experiential approach make them the number one choice for many clients in Singapore.

PwC Singapore is renowned for its consulting services and outstanding performance in overseeing significant, prominent audits. In Singapore alone, the accounting firm boasts over 3,500 team members and partners. Globally, they have a presence in 152 countries with a workforce nearing 328,000, solidifying their position as one of the top professional service networks globally.


  • Audit and Assurance: Enhance the credibility of your financial reporting and gain valuable insights
  • Tax and Legal Services: Optimize your tax position and manage legal challenges effectively
  • Financial Advisory Services: Leverage expert advice to successfully navigate your organization through strategic decisions
  • Consulting: As a business consulting firm, PwC provides innovative solutions for operational improvements and digital transformation
  • Deal Services: Make informed decisions for mergers, acquisitions, and other business deals
  • Finance and Accounting Services: Benefit from efficient and effective handling of your accounting and finance functions, regardless of your company size and type

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3. Reliance Audit

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Reliance Audit is a top-notch accounting firm in Singapore with over a decade of experience. Their dedication to providing outstanding services both within Singapore and overseas has earned them a seat among the most trusted accounting service providers on the island.

As a customer-centric firm, they take the time to visit, listen, and understand the unique needs of each client, ensuring an unparalleled service experience. With a professional approach and a strong commitment to grow with their clients, they differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market.


  • Accounting Consultancy Services: Comprehensive accounting support covering general ledger maintenance, financial statement preparation, and more
  • Payroll: Accurate and timely payroll services, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards
  • Tax: Expert tax advisory and compliance services, aiming to minimize tax liabilities while adhering to local laws
  • Corporate Secretarial Services: Efficient management of corporate finance, governance, and compliance matters, assisting with annual filings and board meeting procedures
  • Advisory Services: Customized business solutions to help clients navigate the dynamic business landscape in Singapore

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4. RSM Singapore

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RSM Singapore is a prominent accounting firm and holds the title of being the largest professional services firm outside the Big Four in the country. Globally, it ranks as the sixth largest in providing assurance, tax, advisory, and business support services. Its reputation for exceptional service and expertise has positioned RSM Singapore ahead of its competitors, making it an ideal choice for growing businesses focused on improving profits, enhancing business value, and expanding their global reach.


  • Assurance: RSM Singapore’s assurance services identify and manage your business risks, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing confidence in your financial information.
  • Tax: With a deep understanding of domestic and international tax regulations, RSM Singapore helps your business navigate complex tax landscapes while optimizing tax obligations.
  • Advisory: RSM Singapore delivers insightful advisory services in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and business restructuring, allowing your business to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Business Support: From accounting support to payroll management, RSM Singapore offers a comprehensive range of services designed to streamline your operations and strengthen your financial position.

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5. Baker Tilly TFW

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Baker Tilly is a top accounting firm in Singapore, with a rich heritage since 1954. The firm ranks among the largest business advisory and accounting firms in the country, boasting over 300 professionals and 25 partners, principals, and executive directors. Their chartered accountants are committed to professional excellence and dedicated to providing tailored services. As one of the leading firms in Singapore, they provide a wide range of services to cater to every client’s needs. Best of all, they have


  • Accounting: Maintaining financial records and ensuring compliance with Singapore’s accounting standards.
  • Audit Services: Performing financial statement audits, providing quality assurance, and maintaining transparency.
  • Taxation: Offering tax planning and compliance services, as well as providing guidance on indirect taxes and international tax matters.
  • Corporate Advisory: Assisting with mergers, acquisitions, business valuations, and financial due diligence.
  • Risk Consulting Services: Identifying, managing, and mitigating potential risks to your business.
  • Business Restructuring: Providing support and advice during times of financial distress or when restructuring is required.

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Final Word

In the vibrant financial hub of Singapore, accounting firms stand as crucial pillars supporting both local and international businesses. Their wide-ranging services, from audit to consultation, combined with their global networks and industry foresight, ensure that businesses receive top-tier financial guidance. This buoyant sector not only promises growth and opportunities for professionals but also reinforces the city-state’s reputation as a global business nexus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore’s accounting sector, spearheaded by the Big Five firms, is a vital component supporting the city-state’s booming business landscape.
  • The broad range of services offered by these firms, including audit, tax, and consultation, combined with their expansive global networks, ensures businesses receive premier financial guidance.
  • The industry’s growth trajectory is evident from expansion plans like Deloitte’s, highlighting a flourishing future with abundant opportunities for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals.

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